IMS Featured in The Baltic  News Magazine

IMS Featured in The Baltic News Magazine

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IMS was established in January 1992 and has grown to become one of Western Canada’s largest independent marine surveying and cargo inspection organisation. IMS has earned a reputation as being unbiased, objective and professional. Based in Vancouver, Canada’s largest port, IMS offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting, superintendence, inspection, testing and marine surveying services across Canada, USA and worldwide for International Traders, Brokers, Producers, Buyers, Charterers, Owners, Insurances and Legal Entities.

IMS offers a full-service surveying and analytical laboratory, providing professional testing, certification and consultation in the grain, oilseed, meals, fats & oils, biodiesel, chemicals, marine, environmental and food related fields. The company has developed sophisticated computer software for different kinds of surveys and is fully compliant with relevant international standards. IMS became ISO certified in 2001 and is currently certified under the ISO 9001:2008 standards by BSI. IMS is a FOSFA Superintendent and CFIA certified sampler for Phytosanitary Certification, and is also the Flag State Ship Inspector representing Bahamas, Barbados, Cyprus and Panama, and Class Surveyor for CR Taiwan, OMCS Panama & Qualitas Panama.
IMS is an approved IICL Container Inspection Company, and the only certified ultrasonic hatch cover tightness testing firm on the West Coast.

The company is widely used by most major P&I and H&M Clubs for their various surveys.
In today’s highly competitive and challenging shipping industry, losses can materialize in many ways. Lost time, damage, leaking hatch covers, cargo contamination, unprofessionally performed inspection/surveying work, unfamiliarity with local conditions etc can be major cost factors. IMS could reduce your exposure to costs and claims by being your on-site representative, providing experience, prompt, factual, and competitively-priced marine surveys, cargo inspections and testing.

IMS offers a first-class, reliable and rapid analytical service based on modern instrumentation and cutting-edge techniques, which facilitate International Trading according to governing standards and legal requirements.

IMS Laboratory is a FOSFA Analyst L1 (the only one in Canada) and a COPA referee Laboratory.
IMS’s achievements in research and method development have been recognised by USA and Canadian authorities and producers in chemistry and oil testing. The application for direct testing for sulphur and phosphorus by ICP-OES has quickly become one of the most widely-used method in North America for the quality of vegetable oil, beef tallow and biodiesel testing, and is available online at:

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