IMS Achieves FOSFA Analyst D2 Certification

IMS Achieves FOSFA Analyst D2 Certification

We are pleased to inform you that we have, as per July 29, 2009, as the ONLY Laboratory in Canada, achieved the FOSFA Analyst D2 Certification.

IMS was named Referee Lab for Canada by COPA for the Vegetable Oils a few years back, and we have now achieved recognition of our continued expansion of the field of testing.

IMS is capable of doing all required testing for Refined and Crude Vegetable Oil and Biodiesel, in addition to various testing of Oilseeds, Meals and Grain.

IMS has been quite involved in Biodiesel testing for the last 3 years. It was quite important for us to achieve the FOSFA Analyst D2 Certification, as the FOSFA Analyst D1 or D2 certification is a requirement for Biodiesel/FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters) testing under FOSFA Contracts No 60 & 61 (based on contracts No 53 & 54). Furthermore, as a FOSFA Member Superintendent, IMS is fully qualified and certified to perform Biodiesel/FAME sampling.

We are pleased to supply the Vegetable Oil, Biodiesel, Oilseed and Grain industries with a consistent, reliable and fast service. Our capacity will be further expanded by early September 2009 with the arrival of additional new and high capacity testing equipment.

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