Labs & Research

Labs & Research

IMS Marine Surveyors and Analytical Laboratories is a full-service laboratory providing professional analysis and consultation for companies and individuals involved in marine, environmental, and food-related fields.

Along with internationally-recognized referee testing methods, we use modern instrumentation and new techniques which allow our laboratory to offer first-class, rapid, and reliable analytical testing services in Vancouver, BC.

What We Offer You

Our laboratory is an Independent Consulting and Analytical Laboratory for:

  • Contracted quality control work
  • Determination of composition for vegetable oil, grain, and feedstuff products according to international standards and legal requirements
  • Investigations of damaged commodities
  • Independent investigations of customer complaints.

IMS Analytical Laboratories is actively involved in research and method development. We would be pleased to provide you with, as per an agreement, all the information you need for relevant tests and advice on the appropriate way to reach your goals.

In addition to standard analytical laboratory services, our staff of professionals can assist other companies in:

  • Laboratory construction and development
  • Laboratory instrumentation
  • Evaluation of scientific products and chemicals

Be in the Know about Your Shipment

Ensure that your company is receiving the utmost quality in goods with our reliable testing. Our analytical laboratory is equipped with top of the line instruments that ensure accurate and timely analysis of products such as biodiesel, vegetable oil, grains, seeds, and feedstuffs – to name a few.

Contact us to find out more about our analytical laboratory services. We proudly serve Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia, and the surrounding area.

Labs & Research
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